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Steve Callahan


Your home has served you well, but now it’s time to start the next chapter.

As a long-time homeowner, deciding to sell is a big step, but you’ve decided this is what you need. You no longer need the space you have in your current home and you’re looking forward to less maintenance and consideration. Now that you’ve made your decision, you’re not quite sure where to start.

Does my home need updates? If so, are they worth the investment? How much equity can we capture? There are probably a lot of questions going through your mind.

Selling a home is often one of the largest financial transactions of a homeowner’s life. It can be quite emotional. You have a lot to consider as you make this move and taking on more can feel daunting.

Without a well-thought-out plan built around your unique situation, and a Realtor® who is experienced, supportive, and results-oriented, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and miss out on realizing the gains you’ve earned from the home that you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

I can help.

Although all real estate agents go through the same licensing qualifications, they’re not all the same.
Some will place a lockbox on your door, set up everything electronically, and put you on autopilot. Others, well, they’re still figuring things out. You and I both know you DESERVE BETTER.

Callahan does things differently.

Just like not all real estate agents are the same, neither are any two client situations. I will help you navigate what may be unfamiliar waters and guide you through each step of the process. Together, we’ll map out a step-by-step plan designed to maximize your home sale.

I am there to represent you, your interests, and showcase the value your home offers.

I have served the Norwood area as a trusted real estate advisor for over 22 years. My approach and process work. I make it a point to make them as clear and stress-free as possible. Let’s get you transitioned to your next chapter with ease.

We’ll discuss your unique situation and goals, and how I can help you make those goals a reality!

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